Be Grateful for Everything

As you learn to focus on the positive things in your current environment, take it one step further: Be grateful for everything in your life.


Start with the outstanding things, then the good things, then the mundane things, then the not so good things, then the very not so good things, then the terrible things.


Why should you be grateful for the terrible things? First, meet terrible things with feelings of gratitude, because gratitude feels so good. Second, the terrible things are part of your life---there must be some reason yet, but, sooner or later, if you’re open to it, the reason will appear. So, be grateful until it does, and when it does, be grateful.


Negative thinking simply cannot coexist with gratitude. If a nasty thought tries to take hold, the attitude of gratitude says, “thank you for that thought!” Such appreciation diffuses negative thinking almost at once.


Remember to be grateful for what we often take for granted—our awareness, our senses, our bodies, our lives. Sure, we have things we could complain about, but we also have so much to be grateful for.


Whom or what should you be grateful to? It doesn’t matter. Take your choice. You can be grateful to the power company for the electricity, or Edison for inventing the light bulb, or the designer of the lamp, or for the money to pay the power bill, or to God for the energy behind it all, or any combination. And that’s for just a lamp.


Who gets the gratitude is not as important as your feeling the gratitude. Gratitude is such a free, abundant, happy attitude. That’s why I’m suggesting you find things to be grateful about—not so the electric company gets thank you notes, but so you’ll feel the joy of being grateful.


If we were truly grateful for every thing in our lives, we wouldn’t have time for a single negative thought.


Throw an inner gratitude party. Invite the people from your past and present into your sanctuary and thank them for all they’ve contributed to your life: teachers, lovers, friends, brothers, sisters, spouse (s), children, and, of course, parents. See them come in, one by one, through the white light of the people mover, express your gratitude. Then point them to the bar and buffet and welcome your next guest. (Your Master Teacher knows a great Master Caterer)


Gratitude opens the place in you to receive. Whom do you prefer giving to; people who truly appreciate your gifts, or those who find fault with every little detail? The universe probably thinks as you do: Let’s give to the grateful.


And it does.





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