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"A Prescription for a Better Life"

From the Desk of: Jim White, PhD


 Dear Friend,


I am Jim White, the best selling author of “What’s My Purpose, A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth” and the Creator of the What’s My Purpose Life Mastery Course.

Never has there been a more compelling time to commit to the process of finding your life's purpose – that work that provides your reason for being and generates a state of bliss and fulfillment. All over the world, a shift is taking place. On one hand, the world seems to be in a dire situation – our ecology is more fragile than ever and wars and hunger take the lives of many people each day – on the other hand, humanity as a whole is awakening to the understanding that our lives can and should be more than just a constant struggle for survival.

Just imagine: An 'on purpose' world where people are too preoccupied living according to their true purpose to bother waging wars, stealing from one another, or committing countless other abuses. It IS possible to make a better world. And YOU are a vital part of this change.

It is my firm and passionate belief that if people become serious about seeking and living their life's purpose, it will produce a ripple effect on this planet, the likes of which we have never seen. It could even play a huge part in ending poverty, war, and hunger.

To help accomplish this goal I am announcing the launch of What’s My Purpose Life Mastery Course Online 2.0.

As many of you know, I launched my best-selling book, “What’s My Purpose? A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth” and my highly successful, What’s My Purpose Life Mastery Course in 2008.

Version 2.0 Online will incorporate time-tested material I have used for many years. The new Online Version will include additional insights into spiritual, relationship, physical and mental health, financial, and career components.


Who Should Participate?

  • Recent College Graduates
  • Unemployed People
  • Veterans
  • Baby Boomers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Those Considering a Career Change
  • Couples Planning Marriage Within the Next Year
  • Individuals Searching for the Truth to the Question “What’s Life All About?”
  • Individuals Considering Divorce or are in the Process Thereof
  • Business Owners and Employees Struggling with Performance Issues


Living On Purpose Is About Joy

This is not just about making a better world. Living 'on purpose' puts you squarely into that state of ease known as flow, freeing up your life's energy to allow for greater prosperity, success and fulfillment.


It's the fuel that gets the world's most successful people out of bed each morning – people like Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey. They live according to a purpose outside themselves that drives them to offer the best of their talents and passion in order to serve. Their approach to life consistently brings them wealth, fulfillment, and happiness.

Sacrificing your happiness, health, relationships, success or fulfillment to make the world better does not work. On the contrary, you must serve through your passion and talents or suffer bitterness and burnout (including financial struggle) – aspects that are not life enhancing for you or the people around you.

Living On Purpose Is About Intention

Living 'on purpose' doesn't happen by accident. There are some people who can live their life's purpose without actively seeking it but they are few and far between. The rest of us have to set a strong intention to find and live our purpose. It's a process that requires you to look deep within yourself. The answers are there, like treasures buried in your backyard waiting for you to discover them.


When you make that discovery, your life will change, and the world changes, because any person with a fully realized purpose cannot help but become a change-agent. The more intimately connected you are to your purpose, to doing exactly what it is that your passions and talents have suited you to in the service of others, the better off the world will be.

Living Purpose Is About Global and Personal Transformation

The popularity of Oprah's 10-part web series called A New Earth with author Eckhart Tolle underscored the transformation that's taking place across this country and the world. Oprah herself started as a daytime talk show host in the typical mold and evolved over the years as her purpose became clearer. She has urged her millions of viewers to also seek and find their purpose. In fact, an entire segment of her web series with Eckhart Tolle focused exclusively on living on purpose.

Living On Purpose Is About Continued Growth

Purpose isn't a static condition. Oprah's sense of purpose has grown clearer over time, as has my own purpose. Purpose grows and expands as you grow as a person. Hence, when you commit to finding and living your purpose, you're committing to a worthy, lifelong process filled with growth and joy.


By affirming that you're ready to find and live your true life's purpose, you send a signal to the universe of your willingness to take your success, happiness and prosperity forward.

So, a word of warning! By making this commitment to yourself and to the world, be ready for major shifts to take place in your life as your true-life purpose is revealed to you.

Now it is Your Time!

While the economy and a strained personal relationship certainly constitute a crisis for most people, those who are willing to see the opportunity in it as a chance for positive change will very likely thrive as a result. Within every crisis is the seed of an equally great opportunity.

The majority of people believe that the economy, the government, or their employer determines their happiness and quality of life. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is, there's only one person who has control over anyone's happiness. That person is you!

To many it seems like others have power over their lives. The truth is they have unwittingly given their power over to others.

Before We Go Further, a Bit of Background...

Jim White, PhD

There was a time in my childhood when I was hungry, abused, forgotten, and written off as a human being. I was fortunate that I was born with the survival gene and a strong sense of right and wrong, a strong work ethic and the ability to make the invisible, visible. By necessity, at the age of 6, I was running my first business collecting and selling Coke bottles to purchase food for sisters, my brother, and me. Many decades have passed since I was that six-year-old boy.

From my humble beginnings, I became a Senior Executive for a Fortune 500 Company and the CEO of another publicly held company. In 1980, I left the corporate world to follow my dream of becoming a business owner. I became a merger, acquisition and turnaround specialist. I acquired, turned around and sold 22 companies that operated in 43 countries and generated in excess of $1.8 billion US in revenue.

Having achieved this level of success, I decided in 1991 to commit the balance of my life to helping individuals and organizations worldwide to define, implement, and live a life on purpose.

As you can see from my brief resume, I am what many would call an American Success Story. I went from a throwaway kid and a high school dropout, to a very successful businessperson. In the process, I earned three degrees from top schools: a B.S. in Civil Engineering, an MBA, and a PhD in Psychology and Organizational Behavior. I chose to see the opportunities before me instead of what those around me saw as negative situations.

People from around the world ask me how I have accomplished so much. The simple answer? I have clarity of purpose. I also make sure: I never give up, I am a good communicator and listener, I measure everything I do, I am a visionary, I am a lifelong student, I am an innovator, I am focused, I am a believer in the potential of human nature, and I understand people!

How could I work in 43 countries and in 22 different industries and be so successful? My reply: it’s all about people! As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by human behavior and viewed people as one of the most valuable assets in any industry. I knew on a gut level that if I could get every person in my charge to define and implement a life of purpose, I would have a winning combination. I took that theory, put it into practice, and started measuring the results.

Those results varied from country to country and industry to industry, but I can say that I was able to add a minimum of 20% to my bottom line by getting every willing person within the organization to live on purpose and I aligned them with the corresponding positions I needed to fill within my companies. In some cases, we cut costs 40% by using these methods to improve productivity, morale, accountability, process, and quality control. If every individual is excited about coming to work and doing what they do at work, you are guaranteed of having a winning team.

Since my decision in 1991 to start teaching, I am pleased and honored to report that we have worked with over 100,000 individuals, entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and CEOs worldwide. We have accomplished much over the past 19 years. Our coaching, consulting, teaching and mentoring programs touch hundreds of lives on a daily basis.


I discovered that a truly successful life must address these areas of life…

  1. Finances
  2. Relationships
  3. Spiritual Growth
  4. Physical Health
  5. Mental Health

Balancing these five components takes commitment and a strong desire to live your ideal life. It requires being clear about the purpose of your life and committing to that purpose, committing to your own happiness!

My world-renowned What's My Purpose On Line Life Mastery Course 2.0 was created to help people reclaim their personal power and get their lives on track to attain true success.


With Appreciation


Jim White, PhD

Creator of What's My Purpse Series



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