Get Closer to Your Purpose Today

You Can Make an Assessment of Your Abilities in Order to Help Uncover Your Purpose.


These gifts can be a clue to your purpose; they can help you fulfill whatever it is you believe you are here to do. Talents might include athletic abilities, dexterity, musical talent, taste, artistic abilities, a sense of humor, comfort with numbers, and so on. Make a mental list, or write on a sheet of paper, at least five of your talents. The items on your list and the relative strength of each of them become part of what makes you unique as a person.


Many people cannot identify five talents. Perhaps this is the first time you have taken the time to think about your talents. Perhaps you minimize or ignore them because they come easily to you. This is a way you diminish yourself and mask your passion. But when something comes easily to you, this is a clue that it is one of your talents. Armed with this basic self-awareness, you can make an impact in the world.


Another way to get a handle on your abilities is to pick out five people who know you very well and ask them these questions:

• What do you think makes me special?
• Do you think there is anything about me that is unique?
• What are my talents?


Write down the answers they give you and compare these to your own list. Think about your skills, which are competencies that come from training, experience, or education. Take an inventory of the skills you know you have. Write them down on a sheet of paper.

Identify confluences between your skills and talents as a method of uncovering a potential purpose. If you have a skill as a writer and a talent for communication, for example, perhaps your purpose in life will be as a journalist. Or perhaps you will create a world-changing blog. Try to develop skills in areas where you have talents and let your purpose emerge. Your unique blend of talents and skills will provide a clue to your passions.


The destination is not the ultimate aim. The joy comes from the journey. Purpose is bound up in the process.


Bon voyage!




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